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Sex Technology: Would you have sex with a robot?

Technology is in every part of our lives and now you get can gain an insight into what people think about sex and technology. We surveyed 29,963 members of our online dating site, and asked them about current and future sex technology.

The questions we asked where:

  • Do you watch porn online?
  • Have you ever watched VR porn (virtual reality)?
  • Have you used a sex toy on yourself?
  • Have you ever had cybersex (Sex via a webcam or online chat)?
  • Have you ever had sex with a sex doll?
  • Have you ever had sex with a sex machine (a hands free device)?
  • In the future, would you have sex with an artificial intelligence robot?
  • Do you have any comments or stories about sex and technology?

Respondents could answer Yes, No, No but I would like to. For our infographic we have combined Yes and No but would like to as a positive interest. The tabular data will allow you to explore current adoption rates.

We filtered the results by gender, this included, male, female and transgender.

The following infographic will give you the highlights:

Sex technology infographic

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Full response details below:

Do you watch porn online?No7%22%10%
Do you watch porn online?Yes, often47%39%55%
Do you watch porn online?Yes, sometimes46%39%35%
Have you ever had cybersex? No37%47%32%
Have you ever had cybersex? No, but I would like to33%21%23%
Have you ever had cybersex? Yes30%32%45%
Have you ever had sex with a sex doll?No74%77%60%
Have you ever had sex with a sex doll?No, but I would like to try21%15%25%
Have you ever had sex with a sex doll?Yes5%9%15%
Have you ever had sex with a sex machine?No75%63%52%
Have you ever had sex with a sex machine? No, but I would like to try20%24%32%
Have you ever had sex with a sex machine? Yes6%13%16%
Have you ever watched VR porn No but I would like to43%38%39%
Have you ever watched VR porn No, not interested38%47%33%
Have you ever watched VR porn Yes20%15%28%
Have you used a sex toy on yourself?No but I would like to21%16%18%
Have you used a sex toy on yourself?No, not interested57%30%25%
Have you used a sex toy on yourself?Yes22%54%58%
Would you have sex with an AI robot?No69%74%52%
Would you have sex with an AI robot?Yes31%26%48%

Online porn

It has got to be popular? Porn Hub is ranked the 30th largest website in the world with the average visitor lasting 8 minutes and 32 seconds (data from Alexa Top Sites). We have surveyed porn usage in the past and it always comes as a surprise how many women are interested in online porn. The males are the clear leaders of online porn usage with an interest level of 93% but very closely followed by transgender people at 90% and females at 78%.

D, Female, 28, New York, USA:
I love watching porn with my partner, then acting it out and doing role play. We even make our own porn and love to watch them back together.

S, Male, 18, Toronto, Canada:
I’m very horny and unattractive. Technology and porn is my only hope.

VR porn

Virtual reality has been the next big thing for as long as I can remember! I first saw it on the BBC program, Tomorrow’s World back in 1990. VR has had a revival over the past few years with big tech firms like Facebook joining in. But will it be porn that finally makes it a success?

Our results would suggest there is still work to be done on VR porn adoption. Transgender users are leading the way but all genders have a lower interest than standard 2D porn.

G, Female, 26, San Pablo, USA:
VR porn + vibrating strap on = magic


Typing sexual fantasies or sharing a private web cam session is a poplar use of tech. Every modern device has a camera integrated. Gone are the days when you needed to buy a separate cam and then battle with driver installation.

Transgender users have an interest level of 68%, males 63% and females 53%. Users of dating sites often use cybersex as a precursor to meeting up for real or when the distance or international travel is an issue.

F, Female, 34, Maligaya, Philippines:
I used to go to chatrooms and have virtual sex with random men all the time. I met my last partner from a sex chat.

Sex toys

Are you ready for a bit of history? Sex toys are some of the oldest tech and can be traced back to the ‘Upper Palaeolithic Period’, which was about 30,000 years ago. Who says, ‘ isn’t educational?’. They have evolved a lot since their original materials of stone and wood. In addition to life-like materials they can now incorporate app integration and remote operation.

Females (70%) and transgender people (75%) lead the way by a considerable margin over the males (43%) when it comes interest in sex toys.

H, Transgender, 40, Seattle, USA:
I think remote sexual aids are very erotic and find the thought of someone wanting to use this type of play or stimulation with me very arousing.

Z, Female, 31, Vancouver, Canada:
Thank god for vibrators and rechargeable batteries.

Sex machine

This has nothing to do with James Brown. We described it to our survey participants as a ‘hands free device’. They are sold via most online sex toy retails and can command a hefty price tag.

Interest level from transgender people is the highest at 48% which is considerably lower than a more standard sex toy. Females (37%) and males (25%) are less interested.

S, Female, 37, Huntsville, USA:
Sex toys and sex machines are the greatest invention ever made.

Sex dolls

Sex dolls have progressed considerably from the inflatable friend who is now mainly seen joining stag and hen parties. Their newer silicone based cousins are leading the way. They may be full humans or just partial but essential parts. They are, overall the least appealing sex technology in our survey.

J, Male, 60, La Crescenta, USA:
Hated the plastic inflatable woman. Don't know enough about the new dolls.

K, Male, 44, LA, USA:
I love the way the female doll feels, like real!

M, Male, 28, Coventry, UK:
Futuristic Sex Doll and Sex Machine could be fun.

AI robots

Now it’s time for the future with a mash-up of multiple sex technology. Would people be prepared to go all the way with a robot?

Current interest levels are reasonably high and more so than the lifeless sex doll. Our survey shows that adding motion and intelligence does increase the sex appeal. Once again, transgender people lead the tech adoption with 48% interested, males second at 31% and females third with 26%.

We decided to dig deeper on these results to see how interest level varied with age. 18 year olds have the highest interest with a secondary boost in interest for the middle aged.

B, Female, 44, Seattle, USA:
Eliminate relationships and still have good sex. Hmm.

L, Female, 24, Nairobi, Kenya:
I love technology and I hope one day I'll have a sex robot.

T, Male, 46, Southend-on-Sea, UK:
Looking forward to sex robots.

J, Male, 22, Shepherds Bush, UK:
Sex robots are an interesting way to explore group sex for couples who don't actually want to engage with other people.


In most areas of sex technology, transgender people have the highest interest, with males and females similarly matched at a slightly lower level. The younger generations have the greatest interest level.

At we envisage that interest levels in sex technology will continue to increase as more research and development generates more exciting and engaging products. Sex and innovation here to stay and let’s hope that AI sex robots don’t take over the world . . . well, not too much anyway!

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