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Adult dating affiliate program


  • Dating affiliate programs earn the most money for affiliates
  • Dating affiliate programs are only trusted by 33% of affiliates
  • Dating affiliate programs have the worst report tools

These are real results from a survey of 1,754 people carried out by

Affiliate program and CPA

It’s not surprising that dating, especially adult dating programs are not trusted by the vast majority of affiliates as the dating businesses themselves can run by very unethical people. Some build a site packed with bots and fakes to cheat users into upgrading. If they will cheat the users do you think they will be honest with their payout outs to you?

If you have tried other dating programs and the affiliate manager just makes excuse after excuse why your CPA earnings are being reduced then keep reading.

CPA dating affiliate offers

A CPA deal is an easy way to fiddle your earnings and traffic. Here are some of the disgusting practices you may be up against.

Poor email delivery rates
If you’re paid for a double opt-in lead, affiliate programs can deliberately make the email quality low so it goes to spam / junk. This means only a really committed user will check junk and still continue. This decreases your earnings and helps the program inflate their CPA payout. Revenue share can be a more honest system vs CPA.

Restrictions on leads
The CPA offer per lead looks really good value BUT is only valid for a few countries, of a certain age, gender and sexuality. This wastes your traffic and again, inflates the CPA deal.

Avoid looking at the headline CPA rates shared with a program, it's your earnings per click or impression that really count and not the actual CPA value. You also want a program that can use all the traffic you have, not part of it.

Global reach

We don’t restrict you to set geos. You can send traffic from any country and we will work has hard as we can to convert it for you. United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada are the top performers but we can also earn money for you from mainland Europe and even countries you have never heard of!

Any gender and sexuality

You’re not limited to straight males only. We can convert any gender and sexuality combination as our platform is all inclusive. This also includes over 30 transgender options.

100% exclusive offers

You cannot find these offers anywhere else. We operate the sites and we operate the affiliate program and manage the affiliate network. This means there are no brokers sitting in the middle, taking money away from you. Did you know that only 13% of dating affiliates want to work with a broker / affiliate network. The other 87% want to earn more and stay direct with the brand.

Stunning land page conversion

Our landing pages could be the best you have ever sent traffic to. Our network average conversion rate is 50%. That’s half of the traffic you send can turn into a lead. Our mobile conversion rates are huge. 85% of dating traffic today is mobile and our landing pages are the same for any device so we don’t make you split your traffic. There are affiliate programs out there who say they are #1 or the ‘Best’ but don’t even have a single lander or affiliate code for all traffic. Kind of tells you something, doesn’t it?

Powerful real-time reporting

When you get a sign up and earn commission you can see it instantly. There is no delay in our reporting tools. This proves our affiliate tracking doesn’t have any adjustment to skim your earnings. When a program takes an hour to report it makes you wonder what they are doing. Is there a guy at a computer pressing the ‘skim’ button to pocket some extra cash?

Honest dating affiliate program

Come and join our dating affiliate program as see the difference. Not only are our reporting tools very different to anything you have seen before but we also have some very unique banners and an API integration.

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