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Sex at work: What people do

In recent times there has been much more awareness of sexual harassment in the work place. More people are speaking out about their experiences. We wanted to find out what workers who consented to sexual interaction did at their place of work.

This is a topic that may divide or shock readers. Sexual harassment is serious and must be addressed but people at work are doing some very intimate activities. We made this one of our largest surveys to date and asked an international audience of 20,238 people what that got up to at work.

Questions we ask:

Have you done any of the following at work (select all the apply) :

  • Kissed
  • Watched porn
  • Masturbated
  • Oral sex
  • Received a hand job (asked to males)
  • Been fingered (asked to females)
  • Sex (intercourse)
  • None of the above

There were two follow up questions, where did it happen and any comments on sex at work. The survey was run over our entire dating network from main-stream dating to casual dating.

Are you ready for some very eye opening results? The following infographic will help you see the bigger picture and then we will discuss the results in more details and how this varies between countries and age.

Dating without apps or websites

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28% of people have kissed a work colleague. At almost 1 in 3 it’s a very significant portion of the work force. The majority of people kiss outside of the office building, followed by a private office and then the store room.

Watched porn
21% of men have watched porn whilst at work but before you judge, the women are almost as naughty as 18% claim at some stage they have viewed pornography at work. The top location for sneaking a peek is a private office. Toilets come in second and outside is third. When your colleagues are outside for a cigarette and glued to their phone it may not be the news or weather they’re checking out!

Porn watching and masturbation figures are similar, suggesting they may go hand in hand. 20% of men said they had masturbated at work and 16% of women said they had too. As you would expect the toilets are the clean winner for the top location slot. Private office is second and then not much separates the other locations. Third is the store room, may be okay for females but we’re not sure what the men are doing when they reach completion. That has to leave some evidence behind?

Oral sex
15% of workers admit to giving or receiving oral sex at work. The toilets are the top location closely followed by a private office. But in third place is the stairs. This is not going to be the stairs from the main atrium, much more likely in a large building where people use the lift or stairs that are part of an emergency exit.

Hand job / Fingering
14% to 15% of the work force have been fingered or wanked off with the toilets again being the top venue. Private office is second and third place is outside.

Now for the big one. Sexual intercourse has been enjoyed by 17% of the workforce. The toilets now drop in popularity and the private office is the most popular location. The store room comes second and outside is third.

International and regional stats

Our survey was international, if a country is lot listed below please contact us for details if you wish to publish our findings.

Activity Global UK US CA AU IN DE
Kissed28%30% 28%28%26%25%29%
Porn (male)21%19% 20%19%21%27%25%
Porn (female)18%14% 19%14%10%25%10%
Masturbated (male)20%21% 19%20%21%22%26%
Masturbated (female)16%16% 20%18%12%20%16%
Oral sex15%15% 16%14%17%13%17%
Hand job14%15% 14%11%16%12%15%
Fingered15%21% 14%16%12%17%6%
Sex17%17% 18%17%17%16%17%
None13%14% 14%17%14%7%11%
We have results for FR, NL, NZ, ZA and many other regions, please contact us if you require more regional data.

People who haven’t done anything

Just 13% of people have not participated in any type of sexual activity at work. If you’re in a meeting with eight people, statistically speaking only one will have a clean record, the other seven will have done something they shouldn’t have.

The sexual activity locations

All of the office building will have been used at some stage for some form of sexual activity. The table below shows where different activities occur, these results are international.

Location Kissed Porn Masturbated Oral Hand/Finger Sex
Office 21.7% 37.4% 13.1% 23.0% 17.0% 25.6%
Outside 29.5% 16.4% 4.7% 9.8% 13.2% 13.5%
Store room 12.3% 6.3% 6.1% 9.8% 11.3% 14.5%
Toilets 5.8% 26.9% 69.6% 26.3% 24.5% 13.0%
Other room 2.7% 3.4% 2.3% 4.9% 11.3% 9.2%
Lift 8.8% 2.5% 1.0% 4.9% 5.7% 5.8%
Stairs 11.2% 3.8% 2.3% 13.1% 11.3% 9.7%
Kitchen 8.0% 3.3% 0.9% 8.2% 5.7% 8.7%
Locations are based on a typical office environment. Non office based jobs may vary, for example factories, bars, shops, restaurants etc

Variation with age

With such a large survey we could also track work place sexual activity with age. However, the longer someone has been at work the more chance / opportunity they have. As we don’t know the frequency of occurrence we can only make high level estimates. The results seem to show that the younger generation are more sexually active at work than the older.

What people are saying

Here are some of the comments from participants. A common theme is people enjoy the thrill. There's also a mix of people in relationships within work and casual flings. From comments we could also determine there was a mix of times of the day. Working late when there are fewer people was a common theme.

Male 19, USA: It's interesting knowing you might get caught while your trying to get you and or your partner off before someone finds out.

Female 21, Canada: Amazing, door was unlocked so anyone could come in, just made me even more horny from thinking of being caught.

Male 52, USA: It is one of the most exciting ways to have sex because the risk of getting caught is so great.

Female 41, UK: It brightens up the day at work, my two bosses can't wait to get my panties off!


Humans are interested in sex and relationships no matter where they are. At work it doesn't seem possible to suppress these instincts. People spend a lot of their adult life at work so it seems only natural that relationships occur. As this is not a topic that work colleagues discuss we did find some surprising results. These include that both males and females have a similar interest in porn and masturbation at work. Additionally that the trill of getting away with it means that some people are prepared to engage in sexual activity in some very public places within the work environment.

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