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Free sex: Where can you get it?

Have you ever wondered where are the best locations to hookup with someone for a night of no strings attached free sex? Every weekend vast amounts of men and women get dressed up for a night on the “pull”, but are they choosing the best venues? Free sex is on offer at some surprising locations, we will now reveal all!

We surveyed 10,121 members of our casual dating site, Saucy Dates. The questions we posed were:

Have you ever had a 1 night stand?
How many 1 night stands have you had?
What location(s) did you meet your 1 night stand(s)?

We asked this to people all over the world. So not only can we tell you where are the top locations to hookup but also which countries will increase your chance of getting lucky even further.

We trust many of you will be surprised at the results and may be you’ll rethink your plans for this weekend! Each section is split into the percentage of one night stands that have occurred as a result of meeting at a certain location.

Check out our infographic, consider saving a copy of the image to your phone, refer back to it and share with your friends on your next night out.

Free sex

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1% : Focus on your work please
Many long term relationships will have started at university or from an office romance but work is not a good location for a fling. Steer clear and focus your efforts elsewhere.

2% : Not top of the charts
If we ran this survey in the 1960’s, festivals and concerts could have been number 1 in the charts. In 2017 it’s a total flop. Only 2.25% of one night stands started from a concert or festival.

2% : Swipe is not right
This one may come as a shock but a hookup app or website is not the best location to look for a one night stand. Only 2.41% of responders have ever had a single night of free sex. It’s not that they’re not getting laid, it’s just that in most cases it’s more than a night.

3% : Wow, you look great in that
It’s impressive that 3% of one night stands originated in a shop! Someone spending hours on an app swiping left and right may well better spend their time with some retail therapy. May be at the checkout our responders have been asked, “Would you like free sex with that?”

4% : Love thy neighbour
This sounds a crazy thing to do, but 4% of all one night stands are with peoples neighbours. That’s 400% more than offices. If things go really wrong it’s difficult to change jobs but even more to move house. May be not a right move.

5% : I think the Mona Lisa’s smile is over rated but yours is a work of art
Art galleries and museums may not feature high on peoples ideas of hookup locations, but it’s not impossible. It’s easy to approach a stranger when you’re both looking at an exhibit. You just need to work out if an intellectual or humorous approach is best.

5% : Would you like to continue this workout back at mine?
At the gym it’s likely that the couple already know or have at least seen other which may go someway to helping the approach. Further research is required to determine if a sweaty workout out performs the steamy sauna.

7% : This is my stop, want to “get off” with me?
Choose your seat wisely next time you use public transport as 7% of free sex encounters start by meeting on the bus, train, tram or Uber share. Do you sit next to someone you find attractive or leave an empty seat and see who comes next to you?

The alcohol zone

The higher percentage of free sex locations all have a high chance of alcohol consumption, here they are:

8% : So how do you know the lovely couple?
Weddings have all the ingredients for a hookup match made in heaven, hotel, free bar, relaxed environment, friends of friends but there are always too many couples. You need to work out quickly who is single to maximise your chances or ask the bride and groom to set you up in advance with the seating plan.

9% : May I have the pleasure of the next dance?
The nightclub is still a top location but the loud music can often make it hard to have a conversation. If your mission for the evening was to hookup then you should have tried harder in the bar or street before hand.

11% : Get a room!
Hotels combine a bar, bedrooms and people away from home. This mix is a cocktail for infidelity. There are more free sexual encounters that originate in hotels than nightclubs without the embarrassment of trying to impress someone with your dance moves.

14% : Can I get you a drink?
The bar is one of the top hookup locations but there is also a lot of competition. If you’re ultra confident to approach a stranger this is one of your best environments. Less confident people should try to crash a party or try a hotel bar where the atmosphere is more relaxed.

14% : Are you a kitchen or stairs type of person?
Grab an invite to a party or host your own and you’re in a prime one night stand location. Everyone has a loose connection to each other so the atmosphere is more relaxed and drinks flow freely.

15% : We’re going to bar 20 next, would you like to join us?
The street is the number one location for free sex. Our research shows this is during the evening and not on your afternoon shopping trip. This is between venues, or after the bars close. So don’t stay in one location and if your group of friends spot an other attractive group, invite them to join you at the next bar. The combination of bar and street will cover a huge 29% of the opportunities on a single night out.

International results

How do attitudes to one night stands vary across countries and how many times have people had them? Checkout our international league table.

Country% Had 1 night# of 1 nights
United Kingdom 77% 6
Netherlands 72% 5
United States 69% 8
Canada 68% 7
Cyprus 67% 8
Argentina 67% 3
France 67% 3
Italy 67% 2
Australia 65% 7
South Africa 65% 4
Germany 63% 8
Ireland 57% 5
India 54% 4
Malaysia 52% 3
Israel 51% 6
Greece 50% 6
New Zealand 33% 2
Croatia 33% 1
Singapore 31% 3
China 29% 1

Free sex and one night stand comments

We also asked for our members to add some of their own insights into why they like or dislike one off sexual encounters. Enjoy some of the highlights, both positive and negative:

C, 27 Female, USA: “Yeah they suck, no substance and the guy is usually terrible.”

A, 63 Make, UK: “Too naughty for other people to know ;-)))”

D, 38 Male, USA: “Some of the most intense and satisfying sex.  Also some of the worst”

S, 40 Female, South Africa: “I shared a taxi with a guy once. We started talking. That led to touching...which ended up at his place. Had sex that whole night. Left his place at 6 the next morning. And never saw him again. Best sex I ever had”

F, 23 Female, USA: “Sex in a Phone booth at 2 am!”


Survey data from dating site Desperate Dating suggested that 30% of singles consider themselves desperate to date or find a partner so there is certainly high levels of interest in hooking up.

Bars and nightclubs are not the only locations to find free sex, in fact they only account for 23% of all one night stands. If you start at a bar, walk through the street and end your night at popular hotel you will cover a massive 40%, you can boost that to 47% if you use public transport at the start of the evening.

The country most open to one night stands is the United Kingdom (77%) by quite some way. However, the United States, Germany and Cyprus all average more one night stands per person (8) and top the charts over every other country in our survey.

Use our results to make a few changes to your nights or days out, we cannot guarantee you’ll get lucky but mixing things up will make things far more exciting.

The final word if you’re looking for free sex comes from a male member of Saucy Dates in Canada, when asked “Any comments or stories about 1 night stands”, he simply replied, “Ask!”

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