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UK Universities sex league table 2017

Our 3rd year of running the UK University Sex League table and we have mixed things up a bit. We are now ranking universities on the total time spent looking for casual sex on our site,

The total time is browsing time on the university's own network, so this is students (or staff) connected to wi-fi on campus or sitting in the computer centre searching for sex whilst others are hammering away at their latest assignment. Total time will of course be much higher when you take into account personal boardband connections and mobile phone networks. University network time is an ideal way to compare and rank.

Check out the 2017 results for the period of September 2016 to August 2017.

PosLast yrUniversityTotal time
1 - University of Sussex 107h 18m
2 10 University of Nottingham 57h 13m
3 - University of Sunderland 28h 13m
4 30 University of Surrey 23h 51m
5 5 University of Portsmouth 23h 44m
6 20 London South Bank University 19h 51m
7 2 Loughborough University 12h 11m
8 - University of Leicester 9h 43m
9 31 University of York 9h 25m
10 - University of St. Andrews 8h 58m
11 6 University of Hertfordshire 8h 27m
12 - Edge Hill University 7h 42m
13 - Manchester Metropolitan University 6h 59m
14 - University of Keele 6h 26m
15 - Staffordshire University 5h 19m
16 28 University of Liverpool 5h 13m
17 9 Aberystwyth University 4h 20m
18 7 University of Cambridge 4h 18m
19 18 Goldsmiths University of London 3h 49m
20 - University of Winchester 3h 13m
21 - Swansea University 3h 1m
22 - University of Gloucestershire 2h 43m
23 22 Lancaster University 2h 40m
24 17 Queen Mary & Westfield College University of London 2h 24m
25 29 Reading University 2h 20m
26 - University of Worcester 2h 14m
27 - Brunel University london 2h 12m
28 16 University of Sheffield 2h 5m
29 - University of Salford 1h 51m
30 27 University of Leeds 1h 15m
31 - Bath Spa University 1h 13m
32 15 Oxford Brookes University 1h 13m
33 - University of Wales Trinity St. David 1h 6m
34 3 University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 1h 6m
35 - University of Bolton 1h 4m
36 - University of Kent 1h 1m
37 4 University of Warwick 1h 0m
38 - University College Birmingham 0h 57m
39 26 University of Central Lancashire 0h 54m
40 - Coventry University 0h 51m
41 1 Oxford University 0h 46m
42 - University of Southampton 0h 24m
43 14 Kingston University 0h 24m
44 - University of Durham 0h 22m
45 - University of the Arts London 0h 19m
46 - University of West London 0h 18m
47 25 University of Bath 0h 16m
48 21 University of Plymouth 0h 9m
49 13 University of Manchester 0h 8m
50 -University of Buckingham 0h 8m


The University of Sussex tops the table, whereas The University of Buckingham comes in 50th. Does this mean at Buckingham there is enough casual sex available that students don't have to resort to online dating, or are Sussex just far more adventurous and open minded? Could it be something more subconscious as Sussex is the only university in the top 50 with sex in it's name.

Saucydates University awards 2017

Embed award logos on your site

Cut and paste the following code to add our award graphics to your website or blog.

The Awards

1st: University of Sussex
Congratulations to Sussex for winning the 2017 award with over 107 hours of access. For all of you brave enough to access in the computer centre we salute your skill of being able to minimise a browser within milliseconds of noticing someone approaching via the eyes in the back of your head!

Download Sussex's award logo in high resolution here.

2nd: University of Nottingham
A commendable 2nd place to Nottingham who amassed over 57 hours of access and well done for raising your position from 10th last year. Will Nottingham be a contender for next years crown?

Download Nottingham's award logo in high resolution here.

3rd: University of Sunderland
Well done Sunderland for picking up 3rd place this year with more than 28 hours of campus access but to hit the top spot you'll need to more than triple your efforts in the coming academic year. Our top tip is our latest site design can be shrunk to a tiny window on a desktop screen, making it easy to hide with a sexy spreadsheet. Good luck!

Download Sunderland's award logo in high resolution here.

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