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Security and safety

Almost all dates are fun and friendly and our members are equally the same. However, security and safety are very important to us. The following are just some of the areas where we focus our efforts.

Protected images

We know that our members enjoy to upload erotic images to their profiles and we actively encourage members who do so to ensure their faces are removed from such images to avoid potential extortion (sextortion). All images are stored in a secret location and our software retrieves an image and makes a new temporary image which is used on profile pages. Every few hours these images are deleted. This helps protect the many hundreds of thousands of images from being downloaded in bulk and exposed online.

Anti-spam profiles

Our members profiles have been carefully designed to stop them being spammed. Romance scammers will use their profile to advertise phone numbers or email addresses to avoid having to send any messages within the site. For example, users names cannot contain any numbers and are limited to 10 characters. Profile interests are made from a predetermined list so there is no option to enter any text. Finally, our moderation team review images that are uploaded to ensure they don't contain contact information.

Encrypted SSL connections

HTTPS connections are becoming more common but there are still many leading dating websites that are not protecting the data you send from your device to the site's servers. Everything that leaves you phone or computer is encrypted before it's sent over the internet and when it arrives on our servers it's decrypted.

Encrypted URLS

This one is a bit complex to explain but let's just say it works the same way as your online bank. We make important information that is sent from page to page into a string of random characters, then decode it back later. If you want to know why we do this then read one. We find it quite exciting, but we are computer nerds so we understand if you don't!

Many dating sites don't use encryption and you may have seen this in action. Imagine you're sending a message to another member, you may see in the address bar of your browser something like, sendmessage.html?user=77. This means that you're about to send a message to the user with the ID number of 77. This is no big deal to any normal user but to a spammer this is an open door. They can write their own program to send a message to user 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 all the way to 1,000,000. This is a simple way for them to spam 1,000,000 people with a much higher read rate than normal email. In our system we add a secret codeword into the URL and then encrypt it so it looks something like, sendmessage.html?action=JGG7865GHGHGH7875HGHGHGFGFAQ. The spammer could try and guess the code word but it would take many years to find it. In the mean-time when they make a mistake we record it and any user who has too many mistakes in a set time period is deleted.


Over time the spammers will learn that they are wasting their time and move to another dating sites that are less secure. We believe we are one of the leaders in online dating security and we hope it gives you more confidence to use our site.