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Common account questions

Passwords, usernames, logging in, logging out, whatever you need to know we will try and answer it here.

Confirmation email never arrived

When you join your confirmation is sent instantly. There are no delays or queues and it never fails to send. So check your inbox and junk folders. If it's not there then see the notes for email accounts. You may need to use another email account if you don't get your details. One of the most common reasons for people not getting their confirmation is users typing their address incorrectly. So be careful!

Email accounts

Free email accounts
There are two types of free email accounts, good ones and bad ones! The good ones take delivery of all messages sent to your address and then send them to your inbox or spam folder based on the content. The bad ones simply delete messages before you even get the chance to see them. They do this to save server space when they consider a message to be spam / junk. We recommend, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.

Private email accounts
If own your own domain name then delivery rates should be very high. If you are using a work address (naughty you!) then you need to consider spam filters which may stop delivery of messages.

Disposable email accounts
If you choose to use a disposable address then we will ban you from the site. We add new disposable domains to our ban list every day so if you want to keep your account then use a genuine address.

48 hour rule - deleted accounts

If you joined but did not login within 48 hours your account is automatically deleted.

How do I know if I have an account?

Visit the login page and select the 'forgot password' option. Enter your email address. If you have an account your current password will be sent to you.

Have I been banned?

If you see a 'GAME OVER' screen when you login then you have been banned.

Asking for your password

Use the 'forgot password' option, please don't email us asking for a password as we will not send it for security reasons. Passwords are encrypted so we have no idea what your password is.

Deleting an account

Don't email us asking for your account to be deleted, you have to do this yourself. Login to your account and delete it from the settings menu. Delete Account information tells you everything you need if you ever wish to leave us.

Email alerts

You can opt-out of emails by logging into your account and selecting email alerts within the settings menu. You can opt-out of whatever alerts you wish.