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The dating scammer: Top fives

Would you like a better insight into the mind of a dating scammer? The infographic shows data collected from

The ultimate fake profile
Hi my name is not Jenny and I'm based in the USA as that is what my IP address ( suggests. However, I use a VPN / proxy connection to hide my true location. I say I'm here 'Looking for my soulmate' but actually I want you to fall in love with me online and then I can start asking you for money. You can contact me via my Gmail account and we can start chatting more. I really like using Windows 7. What's your favourite browser? Mine's Firefox.

dating scammers profile infographic

This is just a small exposure of some of the work that happens behind the scenes when you use our site. You may write a message and click send but the site will compare it to known scammer traits, check IP addresses and much more. In fact, 75% of the server's CPU is used for anti-scammer processing. The remaining 25% is used for the actually dating activities.

We still have lots more work and research planned in this area and auto scam detection is only part of the battle. The other core area is user awareness. Just like spam email, you need to know what's genuine or not. The feedback of our scammer tool, SCAMETRICS is shown on all member's profile page so you can make your own judgement if you should trust another person or not.

Please consider sharing this with your friends as anti-scammer education is essential for everyone's safety online.

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