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Bad dating profile pictures

Over the years we have reviewed hundreds of thousands of dating profile pictures and some of them are really bad. A poor picture will reduce the number of messages / replies you get whereas a good picture will increase your popularity. So instead of showing you what makes a good picture we decided to share with you what makes a bad pictures. We hope you can learn from other peoples mistakes or at least laugh at them!

The background

What's behind you is very important. So if you're lazy and your house is a mess don't photograph it! Clean up just enough that your ironing, dirty pants and empty beer cans are not in shot.

Don't hold a fish

For some crazy reasons there are thousands of guys who think a picture of them holding a big fish is going to boost their sex appeal. Well it doesn't. Fish are slimy and smelly so she's going to think that you smell too. She doesn't want to think about you fiddling with your worms and maggots and carp fishing often involves camping all night, so you wouldn't even be in her bed at night. Fish do not improve your hit rate so put it back in the water and find a sexier hobby!

Here's my cock

Put it back in your pants. Women are not really interested in looking at your willy and we are not that keen either when we are reviewing pictures. Tiny little shrivelled up nobs with a mass of curly pubes, yuck! The internet is full of porn, in fact many of the top 100 websites in terms of traffic are porn sites but they are for men looking at women. There is not a single site in the top 500 that is for the female looking at naked men. Why? There's simply not the interest nor market. It's likely that you will turn females off with your cock shot so keep it hidden away.

Sexy look = serial killer

Guys! The sexy, serious look doesn't work unless you're a professional model. 99.9% of the time the result is the look of a serial killer. Forget trying to look cool, just smile.

Look at my weapon - I'm not crazy

Girls love nothing more than a man with a machine gun or powerful handgun. They get so turned on that after a quick change of underwear they will be frantically typing a messages to you, begging for your number. Yeah right! If you think you look sexy with a gun then you're firearm's license needs revoking and you should start shopping for one of those shirts with extra long sleeves that tie behind your back.

Looking after you

At we have a face only picture policy which helps improve your chances and stops you making picture mistakes. So if you upload a 45 lb carp you will be glad to know we will delete it before any females are exposed to it and if you upload your little willy we will simply delete your entire account to save everyone the time of communicating with a man who doesn't know the difference between is face and his bell end. Happy snapping!

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